CBD For Pets

There are certain states across the country where people are using CBD products as a way to treat ailments they are suffering from. Now, CBD isn't limited for human use, but for your furry friends as well. With new research emerging, veterinarians and pet parents alike are finding that this ingredient found in hemp is making waves for wellness.

Whether a dog, cat, or bird has cancer, seizures, or anxiety, cannabis oil can serve as a natural and organic alternative medication to help treat these painful symptoms. Here’s everything pet parents need to know about cannabis oil for your furry or feathery friends.

What is CBD?

CBD is the cannabinoid oil found in the cannabis plant without the THC effects that marijuana contains. CBD is the straight edge cousin of THC that contains all the wellness benefits without feeling high or lethargic. CBD can alleviate pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, or other health conditions. Marijuana plants contain 80 different cannabinoids including THC. Apparently, using THC and CBD together can be beneficial for pets if dosed correctly to receive full benefits.

What kinds of symptoms do my pets need to have to qualify for CBD?

There can be a number of factors or symptoms your pet could have that would make them a good candidate for CBD usage. For example, a dog that gets overly excited, barks, gets aggressive with the groomer, has seizures, arthritis, weak joints, or intestinal issues; CBD is perfect for your furry friend.


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